The Sunday Times Cartoon, Skewed Media At Its Worst

Sunday_TimesAlmost 70 years after the horrors of Auschwitz were revealed to the world and on the anniversary of its liberation, surely no coincidence there, one of Britain’s so called serious newspapers, The Sunday Times, allows a deeply offensive cartoon to be printed. This depiction of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as a large nosed Jew, building a wall with bodies of Palestinians including babies, using their blood as cement, is probably as close to the notorious medieval blood libel as you can get.      By implication the editor of this newspaper, must be so disappointed that the only truly democratic elections in the Middle East, have returned a more centrist result, rather than the swivel eyed right wing extremist party that they love to hate and portray. This has resulted in personal prejudices coming to the fore, way beyond political satire and overruling balanced comment, causing great upset to Jews and giving unnecessary ammunition to Anti Semites.

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