Reports Of Skewed Media And Biased U.N. Council From Israel

Israel Right to Say “Enough!” to Biased UNHRC Inquiry – Nachman Shai (Ha’aretz)

  • The UN Human Rights Council represents the very depths to which an unrepresentative, undemocratic international body can sink. Although having been reconstituted and renamed only six years ago because of the total illegitimacy of its predecessor, the Council immediately relapsed into its old ways. It grants immunity to the worst human rights violators on Earth.
  • I could not agree more with the decision of the Israeli government to withdraw from this particularly disgraceful UN body. I find it appalling and hypocritical in the extreme that the Council’s “fact-finding mission” report would dare call for sanctions against Israel, even as they routinely ignore the grossest human rights violations of many of its member states, half of whom deserve to be investigated well before Israel.
  • There are appropriate times and occasions for engagement with international bodies, and there are also times for saying, “Enough!” This is one of those times. Israel will not engage in discussions about a report calling for sanctions against our country.

    The writer is a member of Israel’s Knesset (Labor).

    See also The UNHRC’s Omissions and Assumptions on Israeli Settlements – Michael Rubin
    For those who want to see just how skewed the UNHRC’s report is, this analysis of the report by the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) should be a must read. That Israel has been subject to attacks by Palestinians is not mentioned once in the entire document. (Commentary)
    See also Briefing on the Problematic UN Human Rights Committee Report on Israeli Settlements – Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz
    This is an itemized critique of the UN Human Rights Council report, highlighting numerous examples of errors and misinformation. The report was commissioned by Human Rights Council Resolution 17/19 of 2012, which had already judged Israel to be guilty. (AIJAC-Australia

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