George Galloway Skewed Brain Or What?

Galloway has got himself in the news again,I think that he is a  political parasite who only exists by latching himself onto someone else’s cause.In my opinion this bitter and twisted bigot cleverly uses Arab propaganda to impress his constituents in order to garner their votes, he appears to have been brainwashed by his ex wife who is an Arab, so maybe  some of his rhetoric is understandable. This apart, I fail to understand how a supposedly intelligent man, can equate apartheid with the equal citizenship and the right to be a Member of the Knesset or a member of the Israeli Supreme Court that is enjoyed by Israel’s Arab community.Galloway’s motto seems to be “don’t debate, demonize” He is simply a sad old man who craves the oxygen of publicity, be it good or bad. That young man that he offended with what appears to be racially motivated abuse, has got more decency and respect in his little finger than Galloway has in the whole of his so called party.Here is a link to the sad incident.